Natural Pet

Easy DIY Natural Dog Shampoo


Our dogs love going on walks on the greenway with my husband and I. It’s great exercise for them and they get a little extra “playtime.” By that I mean, on these walks one, if not both dogs, usually end up splashing around in the creek or rolling around in the dirt. They come home pretty dirty! On warm days we can just wash them outside and let the sun dry them, which is nice because neither of my pups like baths and they make a HUGE mess if we have to bathe them inside.

This recipe is gentle enough to use often without over drying out their skin. Tea tree and lavender are good essential oils to add to this as Tea Tree essential oil is antiseptic and Lavender essential oil is anti-inflammatory.

Let your pooch smell the oils first and see how he reacts to it first! I use castile soap in this recipe and from time to time, will add some oatmeal if my pups skin is dry.



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