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Cracked Heel Balm

I love pedicures! It is one of my guilty pleasures.  But, unfortunately, I don’t have the time, or the money, to get them as often as I would like.  I have to say though, I give myself “spa pedicures” at home that rival the spa – it’s just nicer to have someone else do the work though!  But no matter how great my pedicures are – at home or at the spa – my heels still dry out.  I experimented, and by experimented I mean I looked all over Pinterest and Instagram, to find the perfect in-between-pedicure moisturizer for me heels.  And I found the below recipe.  I actually did make it and it is wonderful!

These homemade heel balm sticks are great for dry and cracked heels during the winter – actually anytime. cracked-heel-balm

These “heel sticks” are lotion bars made in a deodorant tube which makes them perfect for rubbing on dry, cracked winter feet. My feet are loving them and have been softer than ever since I started making these! And the recipe is easy!

Here’s what you need:

◾1/3 heaping cup Beeswax Pellets

◾1/3 heaping cup Coconut Oil

◾1/3 heaping cup Shea Butter

◾15 drops each of Lavender and Peppermint essential oil

◾5 drops each of Wintergreen, Helichrysum and Clove essential oil

◾4 empty Deodorant Tubes

◾Honey is optional

Here’s how you make them:

Heat the Beeswax, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter in a double boiler. Or…if you don’t have a double boiler you can add the ingredients to a glass measuring cup and place the measuring cup in pot of boiling water.*Optional: You can add some honey to the recipe if you like. Caution, you have to be VERY CAREFUL that it gets thoroughly mixed with the other ingredients. Otherwise, you will end up with a sticky pocket of honey that doesn’t solidify in your lotion bars. I decided it was easier without, so now I mostly make them without honey to avoid the hassle. But it does add a bit of decadence to the recipe!

Once they are melted and mixed together, remove from heat and add your essential oils. Then pour the mixture in to empty deodorant tubes. It will fill about 4 tubes. Let them sit until the lotion has cooled and hardened. Then you are ready to enjoy!

I realized these would make great gifts also!  Just stick on a cute label and pair them with some bath salts and instant awesome gift.

Also, these don’t have to be just for feet! Try adding any oils you love to make your own fabulous lotion bars. Some oils I love for amazing skin care are lavender , geranium and frankincense.

I love the deodorant tubes because it makes application easy and there’s no mess. But you can make them in anything you like…little jars or soap molds will work great too.


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