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Natural Anti-Itch Spray

I always seem to be a magnet for mosquitoes, so even just a couple minutes of sitting on the back porch or taking out the trash is usually enough to leave me with a few bites. Even more so than then the bug bites, I always get itchy skin after being in the sun all day at the pool – even without getting sunburned.  With bug bites, peeling sunburns and heat rash, it seems that itchy skin is an inevitable part of summer in some way or another.

So, I’ve found and been using this homemade anti-itch spray. This anti-itch spray contains a mixture of potent natural remedies that helps eliminate itch immediately. I’ve tried it on mosquito bites, poison ivy, sunburn, chiggers, and even stinging nettle burns and good results.

The essential oils can be left out for use on pregnant women or children, but I’d still recommend checking with a doctor before using if pregnant or if you have a medical condition.

The secret ingredient is menthol crystals. I use these potent natural crystals in my pain relief lotion bars and my soothing shower melts for cold relief.  Menthol is naturally cooling and soothing and is often used in salves, balms, mouthwashes, liniments, lozenges and other remedies.

I make this in a 4 ounce spray bottle, but you could easily double the recipe or cut in half to fit your container size.

Anti-Itch Spray Ingredientsanti-itch-spray

How to Make Anti-Itch Spray

  1. Carefully heat the witch hazel extract in a small saucepan until warm to the touch (about 130 degrees). This is to melt the menthol crystals and salt, which melt at about 115 degrees F.
  2. Add the salt and stir until dissolved.
  3. Using tweezers or gloves, add the menthol crystals to the witch hazel and stir until dissolved. Avoid touching menthol with your hands, as it can sting eyes or other sensitive areas if you touch them after.
  4. When menthol is dissolved, add the aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar and essential oils (if using) and carefully transfer to a spray bottle for use.
  5. This will store for months at room temperature, but I prefer to keep in the refrigerator for extra cooling of itchy skin. This is one remedy I like to keep on hand, especially in the summer.

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