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Wart Be Gone…A Natural Way to Remove Warts

I remember when I was about 10 or 11 years old, I had warts on the underside of my hands on the “pads” attached to my thumbs and the outside part of my index fingers.  At that age, I obviously didn’t know how or why they got there, but they were disgusting – and I wanted them gone!  I remember my mom slathering on Compound W wart remover, wrapping my fingers and thumb area with duct tape, and applying super glue – I think she tried everything under the kitchen sink and I don’t know what magical “trick” worked, but they went away one day.  I have long since forgot about that embarrassing time in my life, but it has recently been brought back to memory as I discovered two small warts on my 11 year old son’s thumb. Time to go old school and bring out the duct tape and super glue? Maybe not just yet!

But what is a wart anyway? A wart is a small, typically hard, benign growth on the skin, and is caused by a virus. They are usually found on fingers, hands, elbows and the knee area — areas where the skin is more likely to have blemishes or be broken.  And if you have kids are anything like my son, he’s always coming home with some sort of scrape or cut.  So note that if you have broken skin of any sort, warts have a much easier entry point and are more likely to develop. Warts take form by causing infections when the virus comes in contact with your skin.

Children are more likely to encounter warts since their immune defenses have not built up like an adult. Regardless, it’s important to know that you can get warts simply by touching a wart on someone else’s body or by touching items that have been in contact with a wart such as a towel.

Instead of going to the dermatologist to have the warts burned off, try this DIY wart remover remedy right at home!

DIY Wart Remover with Essential Oils

Total Time: 5 minutes

Serves: 2–3 applications

INGREDIENTS: (click blue links for where to buy)


  1. In a small dish, combine the apple cider vinegar, oregano essential oil and frankincense.
  2. Blend well.
  3. Add the lemon oil and blend again.
  4. Add the coconut oil and stir well making sure all ingredients are well mixed.
  5. After cleansing the area, use a clean cotton ball to dip into the mixture.
  6. Lightly soak the cotton ball then apply it to the area.
  7. Cover with a large bandage.
  8. Apply this remedy twice a day, morning and night (you can sleep with it), until the wart is completely removed.

*Update – 1/20/17 – I have used this recipe on my sons two warts on his thumb for a total of 5 applications in one week.  One wart was slightly larger than the other when we started.  After 5 applications, the smaller of the two warts is about 85% gone and the other is about 70% gone.  I’ll update after another 5 applications. warts-and-witches


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