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High of 68 Monday, High of 35 Friday – Winter Weather in North Carolina & How to Survive It Without Catching a Cold

weather-in-ncIf you live south of the Mason Dixon Line, you probably have the same kind of winters that we do here in North Carolina.  One day it’s sunny and 68 and everyone is wearing flip-flops and t-shirts, and three days later, it’s 32 and snowing.  It’s crazy!! But, it is the South and we love to complain about the winter weather.

One of the hardest things about this type of crazy weather, other than figuring out what you are going to wear from day-to-day, is trying to stay healthy. Well, it’s not actually the weather that makes you sick.  While most people would agree, sudden weather changes can make you feel under the weather, it can’t actually make you sick, you need to be exposed to the actual bacteria or viruses. But, it can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to those germs as winter is prime time for cold and flu viruses to thrive.

Why is that though? Because these types of viruses are more stable in cold air, and low humidity helps the virus particles remain in the air. Therefore, the viruses float in the air – like little respiratory droplets just waiting to land on solid surfaces or be inhaled.


Here are several things you can do to help protect yourself from the cold and flu viruses.

  1. Wash your hands frequently
  2. Wipe down germy areas
  3. Keep your hands/fingers out of your mouth, nose & ears
  4. Drink plenty of fluids
  5. Exercise to strengthen your immunity
  6. Take probiotics
  7. Eat a variety of healthy foods
  8. Get plenty of sleep

In addition to the above tips, essential oils can play a big role in boosting your immunity and helping to fight off viruses. Familiarize yourself with these three categories of essential oils which are up to the task of helping you and your family survive cold and flu season.

Preventative Essential Oils

Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon, Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Clove Bud, Grapefruit, Sandalwood,Thyme (white), Peppermint, and Sage. (Buy these oils here)


Cajuput, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary, Sandalwood, and Tea Tree. (Buy these oils here)


Cypress, Ginger, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Rosemary. (Buy these oils here)

While there are seemingly endless ways to use essential oils to improve your life, here is a list complied by we’ve compiled some of the best methods to put them to work during cold and flu season.

1. Make Your Own Germ Fighting Spritzer

Prevent the spread of illness by keeping a bottle of this spritzer in your home, at the office, or even in your pocket!

To fill a 2 ounce container, (click on link for where to buy) You will need:

  • 1 3/4 oz ounces of distilled water
  • 10 – 30 drops of various essential oils (…less when [using] intense aromas)
  • (optional) 1/4 teaspoon … witch hazel (click here for where to buy) to emulsify the oils and water. This is important [when mixing thicker] oils…

Fill the bottle with water, add oils, and shake before each use.”

Make your own blend using anti-microbial essential oils or try this spicy combination:

  • 4 – 12 drops Cinnamon bark oil
  • 2 – 6 drops Clove essential oil
  • 4 – 12 drops Mandarin essential oil

(Recipe borrowed from

2. Create Your Own All-Natural Homemade Chest Rub

1/4 oz Organic Beeswax (Buy here)
1/4 cup Organic Virgin Coconut oil (Buy here)
10 drops Eucalyptus essential oil
10 drops Peppermint essential oil
10 drops Wintergreen OR Fir Needle essential oil
“Gently melt the beeswax and olive oil/coconut oil in a double boiler. Remove from heat, allow it to slightly cool, then stir in essential oils. Store in a small glass container (buy here). Apply it to the bottoms of feet and chest.”

(Recipe borrowed from

3. Take An Essential Oil Soothing Bath

If your cold or flu bug includes body aches on its list of symptoms, try adding about 10 drops of Lavender essential oil into an Epsom salt  (buy here) bath and take a nice long soak. (Or mix things up a little with this blend of Lavender, Marjoram, Patchouli, Mandarin, Geranium, and Chamomile for a wonderfully soothing bath.)

(Further Reading: 20 Mind Blowing Reasons Why Epsom Salt Should Be In Every Home!)


My essential oil blend of choice for supporting my family’s immune system, not only in the fall and winter months, but year round is doTERRA’s On Guard (Buy here).

doTERRA’s On Guard is a protective blend used to support the immune system and help kill off harmful bacteria and viruses. On Guard is a blend of Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud (highest ORAC), Cinnamon Bark/Leaf, Eucalyptus Leaf and Rosemary Leaf/Flower.

Recent research has evidence to strongly suggest that doTERRA On Guard is effective in fighting off the influenza virus and that On Guard can prevent the virus from being able to replicate as strongly. (

doTERRA On Guard can be diffused in your home or office, diluted in a spray to clean doorknobs, telephones and other surfaces, and in a veggie capsule for an immunity boost.


What do you do to protect you and your family from the cold and flu bugs?

If you are interested in doTERRA’s On Guard, please visit my doTERRA site:


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