About Bee

After a series of health scares and set backs, I made a promise to myself and my family to become the healthiest and happiest me I could be.   I began the journey of detoxing not only myself, but my home – from the food we family ate, to the products we used for personal hygiene, to the cleaning products used in our home on a daily basis.  I began reading food labels, buying locally sourced organic foods, switched out plastic for glass containers, and started making my own cleaning, beauty and wellness products.

I dedicated myself to learning all about essential oils and herbs and their amazing benefits and  how they could be used in creating a healthier environment for my myself and my family.  I began scouring the internet for information, subscribed to numerous holistic health and wellness newsletters, and began taking courses towards my aromatherapy and herbalist certifications.

I am now a certified aromatherapist and have several levels of certificates in herbal studies.  I often counsel clients on how essential oils and herbs can help create wellness and balance in their lives and help them to create a wellness plan for their particular goals.

In addition to my aromatherapy and herbal practice, I handcraft a variety of herbal medicines (teas, tinctures, salves and more), artisan cold process soaps, skin care products (scrubs and body butters), essential oil blends, all-natural bug spray and coconut wax candles and soy wax melts.

Remember ~ Taking care yourself, emotionally and physical, is the most important thing you can do to say well, balanced and healthy.






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