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Whipped Body Butter Base Recipe

Whipped Body Butter Base Recipe¬† Making homemade body butter is really very easy and this wonderfully rich and soothing coconut oil based body butter. It is such a soothing and healing lotion. Here is what you need: 1/2 cup Raw Organic Cocoa Butter 1/2 cup Raw Unrefined Shea Butter 1/2 cup Organic Extra Virgin Coconut… Continue reading Whipped Body Butter Base Recipe

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Homemade Body Butter Base

My skin always seems to be dry - whether it is summer or winter. I could be because I take really hot showers (I know - that is really bad, but they feel so good!) Or it could be because I'm getting (gulp) older. ¬†Whatever the reason, I have found the older I have gotten,… Continue reading Homemade Body Butter Base